Waterproof Electric Power Sockets
Weatherproof electrical outlets, sockets and switches are essential should you want power in outdoor buildings such as sheds, garages or greenhouses. Waterproof electric power sockets are required anywhere in which a mains outlet might be at risk from water or other potentially damaging substances such as dirt or debris.

These devices are ideal should you ever want to listen to music outdoors, power a free-standing heater, install lighting in the garage or if you need to bring electricity to electrical garden equipment taking residence in the shed, or for use in public washrooms. A waterproof electric power socket will allow you to use electrical appliances wherever you need to outdoors without the dangers of water damage or having to drape long cables all over your garden, which would, incidentally, qualify as a health and safety risk.

So why not improve accessibility with a waterproof electric power socket from Office Power Products? We supply the IP66 waterproof floor box which provides full protection from the elements. You even have a choice of finish – stainless steel or brass – and a safety lock lid feature for extra protection.

With this product you can bring electrical power into every outdoor building without risk of electrocution, fire, or tripping over cables. Now that’s a useful product.