Under Desk Power Modules

Under desk power modules are especially useful because, you guessed it, they don’t take up any valuable desk space. Compact, durable and made from quality material, the units provides flexible power and data distribution.
At Office Power Products we supply a range of under desk power modules. These under desk power modules can be stored away under desks in cable trays or baskets, and provide a discreet and cost effective means of bringing power to the desk. Modules can be linked together (up to six modules) to extend range and flexibility and to meet your space requirements.

Under desk power modules are fitted with external leads that can be easily inserted and easily removed. These units keep desks tidy and they keep office cabling tidy.

A range of configurations are also available. Built from solidly-engineered plastic materials, the units are available in 3, 4 and 6 power configurations, allowing you real flexibility with power connection. Sockets feature internal fuses to ensure safety and the modules themselves are specifically designed to offer the most versatile under desk power solution possible.

For your under desk power modules, look to Office Power Products.