Electrical Cavity Boxes

An electrical cavity box is designed to offer the user maximum efficiency and accessibility and minimum hassle in plugging in your electrical devices.

Cavity floor boxes come in a variety of different sizes to meet different applications. Compact cavity boxes fit neatly and seamlessly into your floor space, taking up the least amount of space possible. Electrical cavity boxes are flexible in being able to accommodate virtually any kind of device required and accommodate unusual connection types.

At Office Power Products we supply standard size and compact size cavity floor boxes and compartment floor boxes, all designed to provide flexibility with your chosen application. The electrical cavity boxes offer a flexible solution to meet the requirements of today’s market and the expectations of today’s users.

Our comprehensive range of cavity boxes are all of superb quality and will offer outstanding value for money in terms of durability, flexibility and reliability. They are deigned in such a way as to be aesthetically appealing and can be installed in multiple internal and external locations throughout your house and office.