Desk Top Products

It’s important for a desktop power unit to be easily accessible. You want your desktop products to be sleek, stylish, accessible and complimentary to any office environment. Often things have to be done quickly in the office, so it pays to have a desktop power unit that’s designed specifically to allow the user to connect and disconnect their devices efficiently.
At Office Power Products we stock a variety of desktop power products, including power, data and connection for audio visual equipment. The selection includes desk power hubs, docks and units.
It’s important to buy to suit your needs. Do you need a product that offers the best in flexibility? If so, the KONNECTIVE 2 Desk Power is a great option. This product can be fixed in four different positions to allow flexible office use. Alternatively, the Vertical Power Docks is an excellent option for those who don’t require power and data connectivity all the time, as these devices can be unplugged and closed up to the extent where they take up very little space. Whatever your desk top product preference, Office Power Products will be able to supply you with a unit that offers accessibility, flexibility and style.